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The roguelike expedition game set in the 19th century

"Curious Expedition is out! It should be on your must buy list." nike free run 50 v4 snake print Vcip8VGSk5

"A love letter to exploring" Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra

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"... might be able to plant a stake in a crowded genre in the tradition of FTL." air jordan 11 restock 2015 honda

"... this could end up being very special indeed." Mark Brown, PocketGamer

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"A strategy roguelike inspired by Jules Verne stories and the tales of real-world 19th century explorers." red air jordans 6 IfLZk


procedurally generated worlds with diverse landscapes and precarious challenges for the ambitious explorer.

your trek and keep everyone alive. Balance the needed supplies with the desire to carry that precious treasure.

and defend your trek against wild animals, grotesque creatures, giant crabs and even dinosaurs.

Heroic adventurer with excellent knowledge of languages and cultures.

Caring about nature and evolving species, one shotgun shell at a time.

World famous inventor of electrical devices. The archetypal mad scientist.

Genius inventor and 1st woman to win a Nobel prize.

Anthropologist and one of the founders of modern cultural history.

Notorious occultist, self proclaimed prophet with a thing for funky hats.

Politician and founder of the Black Star Line. Strong persuasive skills.

British explorer, officer and world-famous big game hunter.

English mathematician and the world's first computer programmer.

First female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Ethnographic explorer with unique cognition of indigenous people.

Buddhist, anarchist and writer that met the 13th Dalai Lama twice.

Occultist, psychologist and performer of the modern magical arts.

Daring travel writer and discoverer of the fabled Valleys of the Assassins.

Humanitarian and slave rescuer with powerful visions in her dreams.

Plan Your Visit

Hearst Castle is open and can be reached from the north via Highway 101 to Paso Robles and from the south via Cambria and Paso Robles.

Open Daily9:00 a.m



Children Ages 5-12Under 5 free

From experiencing what life was like asa guest of W. R. Hearst to exploring his personal collection of rare and ancient mens nike roshe two flyknit v2 shoes
, encounter the majesty and beauty of this historical treasure first-handwith a guided Hearst Castle tour. We also offer air jordan retro 1 fragment design
for visitors.

The Neptune Pool is currently empty due to restoration work in progress.

Gather in the grand social rooms of Casa Grande—the largest house at Hearst Castle—to experience what it was like to be a guest at this hilltop retreat. Recommended for first-time visitors, this tour also has the fewest stairs to climb.

This tour is wheelchair accessible and is also designed for visitors who have difficulty climbing up and down stairs, or who cannot stand or walk for lengths of time. The Accessibly Designed Grand Rooms Tour visits the estate’s most opulent social gathering rooms to reveal what it was like to be a guest at The Enchanted Hill—known today as Hearst Castle. TOUR RESERVATION, CHANGE AND CANCELLATION POLICY Reservations can be made, changed or cancelled online at […]

This tour is wheelchair accessible and is also designed for visitors who have difficulty climbing up and down stairs, or who cannot stand or walk for lengths of time. The Accessibly Designed Evening Tour takes guests back in time every spring and fall, as Living History Docents in 1930s clothing appear along the tour route, adding life once again to the magnificent surroundings seen on tour. In 2017, the Accessibly Designed Evening Tours will be offered […]

This tour is wheelchair accessible. Visitors who have difficulty climbing stairs, or who cannot stand or walk for extended periods, may also benefit from this tour. Accessible transportation is provided from the Visitor Center to all areas of the Holiday Twilight Tour. See Holiday Twilight Tour for a description. Call 866-712-2286 for additional information. In 2017, this tour is offered on November 24th and November 25, and again from December 16th through December 30th, with the […]


Cognitive Tutors have been successful in raising students' math test scores in high school and middle-school classrooms, but their development has traditionally required considerable time and expertise. With the Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools (CTAT) , creating Cognitive Tutors is both easier for experts and possible for novices in cognitive science. The tools draw on ideas of programming by demonstration, structured editing, and others.

The documentation for the Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools has moved to a new location. All new documentation is now available in one place. Go to the new air jordan retro 6 size 95

CTAT version 4.2.0 is available for download. CTAT 4.2.0 supports our new CTAT HTML Editor, which allows users to quickly build tutor interfaces. Changes include:

Read more in the release notes .

CTAT 4.1.0 is primarily a bug-fix release to address issues found in CTAT 4.0.0. Changes include:

CTAT 4.0.0 introduces support for HTML. Changes include:

Changes include:

CTAT 3.3.0 includes many new features and improvements. Changes include:

CTAT 3.2.1 is primarily a bug-fix release. Changes include:

We corrected an issue with our Flash components .ZXP file and have posted a new version of CommComponentsAS3.zxp. Please download and install this version using the Adobe Extension Manager if you are downloading CTAT for the first time and plan to use Flash for authoring student interfaces. For those who previously tried to install the Flash components for CTAT 3.2 in Adobe Extension Manager CC: this new version contains the same components you've already installed, but will not produce an error message in the Extension Manager. The error message can be safely ignored even though it appears that the components did not install successfully.

This release includes the following improvements:

This is an exciting release for CTAT, with many major improvements. Look for:

This is a major release for CTAT. It's the first release with ActionScript 3.0 versions of the Flash components (see {CTAT}/Flash/CommComponentsAS3.mxp).

In addition to the changes listed below as part of CTAT 2.12 Beta, the following features have been added (as well as many bug fixes):

After a long period offline, CTAT is now available again. This release includes the following changes:

Archived news

Laissez Tomber

A Sundae Drive Houston, Texas

ASD is kinda punk, shoegaze, new wave, dreampop indie rock. Since '05, ASD's been making melodies harmonies play w/ ... noise effects. Songs of love loss, childhood mishaps, politics justice, some good old-fashioned angst are the themes revisited by these 4 out of Houston. We are Zeek (guitar vocals), Sergio (guitar vocals), Mike (drums) and Jennifer (bass, keyboards, vocals). ... more more

Contact A Sundae Drive

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