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Shop Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (727) 581-8691

The Premier Championship Golf Course of NY's Southern Tier since 1927.

Although the calendar says it’s March, the parade of snowstorms throughout the month unfortunately has put En-Joie GC behind schedule for an early opening. That blanket of snow is finally melting and is almost gone – now it’s just a waiting game for aprolonged stretch of some much warmer temperatures! The turfdesperately needs the weather to trend much warmer in the days and weeks ahead before we may consider opening. We can’t wait for the season to start, but we are at the mercy of the weather and we will open En-Joie as soon as Mother Nature allows us to. And sadly, the forecast for next week is not looking so good….. : (

The golf course has been in superior condition for the pastdecadeand we continue to becommitted to providing the finest playing surfaces in the region. Please look overour websiteand if you have any questions please send us a note by e-mail at or call the golf shop at 607-785-1661 . Plus, the golf shopis nowopen5-6days a week ; Mon-Fri 9:30 to 4:30, and occasionally on Sat Sun from 10-3 until the golf season starts. We look forward to warmer weather and another phenomenal golf season at En-Joie. Hopefully you will decide to be part of it with us!!!

607-785-1661 DSG Open and Blake Shelton Concert:

The 2018 edition of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open is August 13-19. If you have ANY tournament or concert related questions you MUST call the tournament office directly at 607-205-1500 , or by email at nike free flyknit 2 womens slippers
. ( the En-Joie golf shop can not answer any of those inquiries )

ANY tournament concert related questions you MUST call the tournament office directly at 607-205-1500 , or by email at RECENT PHOTOS:

March 28th w/ 10% snow coverage ( 6thhole )

March 26th w/ 20% snow coverage ( 18th green )

March 24th w/ 75% snow coverage ( 18th green )

March 22nd w/ 85% snow coverage ( 1st tee )


WP Photo Sphere is a filter that allows you to display 360×180 degree panoramas. With WP Photo Sphere, your visitors will be able to navigate through your panoramas without install any plugin.

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This plugin allows you to display equirectangular panoramas, taken with a classic camera or with Photo Sphere on Android and iOS.

If you want to contact me for any reason, feel free to email me at or contact me on:

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Last Days of a Star From Elephant Laboratories

Sol: Last Days of a Star is a strategic game of solar destruction and salvation for 1–5 players. Play as one of the five worlds orbiting the Sun, diving into the searing plasma to harvest critical energy — energy needed to fuel your escape before the Sun goes supernova. Sol has simple, easy to learn rules, a deep decision space and emergent strategy that unfolds over multiple plays .

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“The game brims with wonder.”

Sol is a race against time, carefully balanced with a fresh engine-building mechanic uniquely rooted in mutual benefit and competition. Each game of Sol begins as an open starscape, ripe for emerging interdependent networks and careful planning at every turn: build your energy node so that other players are enticed by its strategic placement; activate an opponent’s foundry when they are low on energy so you capture the bonus; plot a multiple activation of other players’ transmit towers without ever having to build your own. There are countless approaches to explore in Sol: Last Days of a Star.

Sol: Last Days of a Star.

Sol has very little luck, but the compounding of simple actions keep the game moving quickly. The high degree of player interaction and the array of Instability Effects allow for a surprisingly customizable vibe to each game.


Sol’s primary play mode allows for 2–5 players, with a compelling solo play variant. Thirty instability effect cards ensure that every session is unique, and allow fine-tuning the game’s duration, degree of difficulty, and the option to add player-v-player conflict.

Download the rulebook »

Players may also choose to explore Sol as a co-op; choose quick start with “vestigial structures” already in place; or add “trigger event” cards for additional solar unpredictability.

Learn more about gameplay »

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The story behind Sol is a richly-textured utopian future, a time of limitless resources in which war, poverty, and suffering are distant memories…until the sun begins to die. The 32-page Mythos Book, beautifully written by CJ Hallowell, provides a window into the vibrant cultures competing to preserve their way of life in the face of impending solar annihilation.

The purpose of Sigma Iota is to unify all students within the School of Hospitality Business Management in the Carson College of Business at Washington State University. Sigma Iota will allow every student an opportunity to get involved with the university, the Carson College, and the hospitality program. Sigma Iota will provide a forum for students to network within the organization and with other hospitality clubs.

We meet bi monthly in Todd. To find exact dates and times go to the Facebook page/website.

Sigma Iota is an “umbrella” club for the School of Hospitality Business Management which provides a group to which all hospitality majors/minors can belong. Sigma Iota serves as a freestanding club while providing members access to four additional hospitality clubs/student organizations (Ambassadors, Eta Sigma Delta, National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, and Professional Convention Management Association).

None, come as you are and be part of the organization

in conjunction with Dad’s Weekend

Brewfest is a beer tasting event put on each fall by the members of Sigma Iota. The event provides tastings from breweries located in the Pacific Northwest as well as food, entertainment, and a souvenir tasting glass. Brewfest is entirely coordinated by students and all funds generated from this event go toward scholarships, career development field trips, guest lectures from the hospitality industry, and other educational opportunities.

in conjunction with Mom’s Weekend

Winefest is a wine tasting event hosted each spring by the members of Sigma Iota. Admission to the event includes wine tastings from wineries across the Northwest, a gourmet buffet catered by the School of Hospitality Business Management, an exciting silent auction, live music, and a commemorative wine glass. Winefest is entirely coordinated by students and all funds generated from this event go toward scholarships, career development field trips, guest lectures from the hospitality industry, and other educational opportunities.

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